DT Query Letter I




My name is David Axel Kurtz and I would like you to consider my novel, Dirgey Thundercurrent, for representation. The manuscript is complete, edited, and totals 170,000 words.

Dirgey Thundercurrent is a magical murder mystery set in the Five Colleges of Massachusetts. It is more than simple fantasy. It is post-Potter wandpunk with Duke to find.

When magic suddenly appears in the world, the world cannot handle it. War and chaos are the result. But from the ashes of the Old world rise the foundations of the New. Two hundred years later, a wand-wielding nobility control what was once New England, bringing a system of feudalism to American soil that it has never seen before. They keep a fragile peace as best as they can, while humanity struggles to survive this new dark age.

The most powerful of these nobles is the Duke of the Thundercurrent, Protector of the Colleges and Lord of Castle Hill. It has been eight years since he disappeared in the night. Everyone presumes him dead. Everyone but his son and heir, who knows, somehow, that his father is alive.

The son must learn the ways of magic before he can go off in search for his father. But that means he must spend four years in the Colleges while his father’s fate is unknown. He is torn between his duties and his inability to fulfill them. He is pained, and frustrated, beyond measure. He is both melancholy and full of fire. He is a walking dirge. And so they call him Dirgey. Dirgey Thundercurrent.

That is, until he meets Chrys. She is common-born. She is uncommonly powerful. She is a student like him, but she is like nobody he has ever known. She won’t stand for his whining. She won’t let him go it alone. Together they will try to solve the mystery of the Duke’s disappearance, thus to find him, and see his abductors brought to justice.

Their investigation takes them from the classrooms of the Colleges to the towns of a magical New England, from the castles along the Hudson River to the salons around the ruins of Boston. They immerse themselves in the history of the New world, in the politics of the seven Dukes, and in the very essence of the magic that they wield. Yet as the mystery deepens, so does the danger. Not just for themselves, but for the very world they live in.

The manuscript is available for your review. If you have any questions or comments, please use the enclosed SASE or contact me at dak06@hampshire.edu. That eMail address will be current through the end of springtime, when I will be graduating from one of the Five Colleges myself.

Thank you very much for your attentions. I look forward to hearing from you.



David Axel Kurtz


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