Cat with a Mouse in its Teeth

Here’s a quick revue of my guitar skills. As in: all of them.



1) Strumming and Plucking (Em)

2) Strumming (Amaj, Emin, Gmaj)

3) Plucking (any chords incidental)

4) Simultaneous Plucking (I bet there’s a word for that!)

5) Tapping and plucking (E string only. Which I realized halfway through needs to be replaced)

6) Strumming (e’ string only.)

Codec/Extension: .ogg

Date: 8 feb 11 (between 10:30 and 10:45 PM)

Guitfiddle: my daddy’s old classical guitar (no maker’s mark; made out of laminate and dents)

Strings: e’ and E: nylon, medium tension (Augustine Blues); Apple Does Go Bad: Darco High Tensions (aka The $2 Strings)

Recording program: Audacity (for Windows XP. God dammit.)

Recording medium: Shitty Built-In Laptop Speakers(tm)

Recording method: I sat down and started playing. I paused about 15 seconds between “sections,” otherwise I just played rightthrough.

Strange Background Noise: the 50mph gusts of wind going on just outside my room


Time playing: about 3 months

Lessons received: One. For certain values of ‘lesson’

Chords I can play (and identify): 20

Does that count C Major?: …19


~ by davekov on 9 February 2011.

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