Public Key (xx)

me : what’s with the cryptard stuff?

lucarion : we have to be fast

me : ok whats up

lucarion : listen

lucarion : shut up

lucarion : police came and got me yesterday

me : you got arrested?

lucarion : no

lucarion : fucking

lucarion : took me to a police station and interrogated me

me : because of me

lucarion : they want

me : I am so fucking sorry

lucarion : shut up

lucarion : seriously. i love you. your my friend. shut up.

me : ok

lucarion : they dont know where you are

lucarion : madagascar

lucarion : thats all they know

lucarion : they wouldnt just say

lucarion : but

lucarion : they definitely dont kno where you are

lucarion : theyre getting scary

me : fuck me

me : fuck me

lucarion : keep it together

lucarion : i did, you can

me : ok

me : ok

lucarion : ok?

me : yes

me : ok

me : they say why?

lucarion : they said they are def going to bring you in

me : “going to.” not “have.”

me : ?

lucarion : yeah

lucarion : probably

lucarion : look

lucarion : they were talking all big and bullshit

lucarion : they wanted to scare me

lucarion : they made it sound like they were coming for you

lucarion : that you were on the lam already

lucarion : but, like

lucarion : they were trying to bullshit me

lucarion : scare me and shit

lucarion : so I think thats bullshit

lucarion : I mean

lucarion : if they had a warrant on you

lucarion : or whatever

lucarion : they could have made me say where you were

lucarion : or id be aiding and abbeting and shit

lucarion : but

lucarion : they didnt

lucarion : but

lucarion : they still fucked with me

lucarion : I dont know

lucarion : sorry

me : dont be sorry

me : not your job to look out for me

lucarion : really cuz it was freshman year

me : so they didnt arrest you

lucarion : no

lucarion : fucking


lucarion : IN MY COUNTRY

lucarion : MY POLICE



me : imperialist swine

lucarion : FUCK AMERICA <en francais>

me : I am not about to argue

lucarion : fucking

lucarion : yeah

lucarion : listen

lucarion : i dont think they have now

lucarion : but they ARE gonna come for you

lucarion : one way or another

me : you think so?

lucarion : man

lucarion : they have to

lucarion : *have* to

lucarion : its all people are talking about

lucarion : its front page news all over quebec

me : all over the world

lucarion : all over the world

lucarion : right

lucarion : you have internet

me : duh

lucarion : seriously man

lucarion : I dont know

lucarion : whatever

lucarion : just

lucarion : just fucking be prepared

lucarion : cause

lucarion : they are going to come for you

me : fuck

me : fuck fuck fuck

lucarion : if you want

lucarion : I can tell them where you are

lucarion : or

lucarion : give you the guys phone number

lucarion : the Quebecois I mean

lucarion : FUCK that US embassy dipshit

lucarion : fuck that guy

me : luc. focus

lucarion : im just saying

lucarion : it might be a good idea for you to call in

lucarion : might be

lucarion : might not be

lucarion : i dont know

lucarion : i dont know!!!

lucarion : just want you to know your options

me : i know

me : i mean

me : i dont know

me : no idea

lucarion : gotta do something

lucarion : i gues

lucarion : or just wait

lucarion : dude i dont know

me : what do you think?

lucarion : i dont know

lucarion : no idea

lucarion : come back

lucarion : stay there

lucarion : just

lucarion : fucking

lucarion : know whats up

lucarion : that s all i want dude

lucarion : you to know whats up

me : i know

me : thank you

me : i know

lucarion : damn right thank me

lucarion : listen

me : blow me

lucarion : listen

lucarion : listen

lucarion : listen

me : what

lucarion : listen

me : what

me : WHAT

lucarion : cops

me : what?

lucarion : cops at door

lucarion : im wiping hard drive

me : fuck. What?

lucarion : i dont know

lucarion : dont knw what

lucarion : no idea

lucarion : anythng

lucarion : listen

me : FUCK! What’s going on?

lucarion : listen

lucarion : take care of yourself

lucarion : do whats best for you

lucarion : im not saying nothing

lucarion : not to anyone

lucarion : i love you

lucarion : be careful

lucarion : ill see you when i see you

me : luc wait

lucarion : wiping hard drive

me : you dont have to protect me


I guess he thought otherwise. That’s where the connection closed.



~ by davekov on 9 February 2011.

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