My name is David Axel Kurtz and I would like to apply for the position of YYYYYY at ZZZZZ.

I am an experienced writer and editor. I have written for newspapers, newsletters, press releases, advertisements, direct-mail campaigns, and websites of many kinds. I have written successful grants for nonprofits, fulfilling all associated reportive duties in a professional and timely manner. My personal fiction blog has received nearly 10,000 unique visitors and has many regular followers. I am in the process of soliciting reader responses to my fourth novel.

I am seeking a full-time position which will allow me to contribute to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I graduated with a B.A. from Hampshire College, having concentrated in English, History and Economics. I was significantly involved in student organizations and campus life. I was an active part of every campus publication. I edited the newspaper, I edited and published the literary magazine, I founded and edited a student newsletter, I wrote regular columns as well as serial fictions and editorials. I worked with many student authors in an editorial capacity, from published writers to those who were just learning English. As part of my senior thesis in English I planned and taught an MFA-style creative writing workshop, which more than a dozen of my fellow undergraduates took for full course credit.

I am computer-savvy and am comfortable with all major operating systems. I am proficient in all common office programs including word processors, database management, presentations, and the like. When there is something that I can’t do, I learn how to do it; I am a diligent researcher and eager student. I can type over one hundred words per minute, and am proficient maintaining and manipulating large databases.

I believe this to be a vitally important time for the publishing industry. The challenges which face us are complex and substantive; our response can be nothing less. The changes which we undertake shall shape the future of the written word. At BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB I would see it as my responsibility to help us find for ourselves a viable, profitable, and sustainable role in the digital world.

I am willing to relocate without assistance. I am willing to work long or odd hours, including weekends and certain holidays. I am willing to travel as much as the position requires. I am ready to begin work immediately.

A concise history of my employment, education, and community service work can be found in the accompanying resume. My academic transcript, reference contacts, and samples of my work (either clippings or to spec) are all available upon request.

Thank you very much for reviewing my application. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Very Sincerely:

–david axel KURTZ


~ by davekov on 12 February 2011.

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