It occurred to me that I hadn’t had a proper glass of wine near since I graduated high school. I decided to rectify that.

I just opened a split of Peter Lehmann’s 2002 “Botrytis Semillon” – Barossa, AU. It’s nine years old this year. It’s been in my cellar about seven years.

ROBE: Old gold and amber with bare hints of orange-rind at core; wet legs.

NOSE: Heady and perfumed; rising notes of plum, musk, the dry spice of la pourriture noble, crystallized pineapple and candied apricot. Outback-dry but not oppressive. Shows a certain character…

MOUTH: Attack swift and sweet: raw sugar, mincemeat, damson and muscat… mid is round and tres a point, lemon and a hint of flint… finish has candied tangerine, crystal ginger and plums in white cream. Finishes high in the mouth, candyfloss and Granny Smith and just a hint of fig.

CONCLUSION: Overbalanced without being insipid,lacks the finesse of a true Sauterne, but then it does not boast otherwise.  To be served with pineapple upside-down cake, I’d think, or fresh figs sauteed in brown butter, or red fruits dipped in heavy whipped cream.

-13 Feb 11


~ by davekov on 13 February 2011.

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