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I have now been in Connecticut for eight days.

This house belongs to nobody who is currently in residence. It was given to my dear friend Krellenstein to use as he sees fit while its owners are in (presumably) Florida. They have been gone since September and will not return until June. For the none, the house is his.

He has been kind enough to open it to me. He might not be squatting here. I sure am.

I’ve spent 23 hours of each day in this house, which is basically a kitchen, a couch-room, and several bedrooms. I have a bedroom all to myself. The bed reminds me of my beds at Hampshire. If a bit lower to the ground.

The house has electricity. It has lamps. It has a washer and dryer. it has a bathroom and sink. It has a refrigerator and a microwave and a stove. It has a big fluffy couch and a few wooden chairs. It has wireless. And it has a thermostat, over which we have been expressing sovereign authority.

It’s in the middle of nowhere. All the houses on every side are boarded up. But it’s even closer to the beach than my mother’s house. The beach is much smaller, and the ‘ocean’ the Long Island Sound. But it is a beach. Perfectly acceptable for walking.

Oh, and the owners of the house left behind a full bar.

Basically this place is amazing.

I have been here for eight days now. I have spent a total of $61. This entirely on food. I have enough to last me through tomorrow, and can probably stretch it through Monday when I plan to go home. Call it 10 days for $61, or $6 per day.

Other expenses while I’m here? About $20 in gas – to get me here and back. $8/day. Not bad for a vacation.

Anything else to show for it? Well, I’ve had a few good arguments with Adam (of a friendly nature; the boy was born to argue). I’ve installed some good Linux (currently running Arch – and it WORKS! Praise and honor!). Had a good period of restraint (cf. Randy in prison, after Root shows up in the cell next to his).

And, as far as I can compute, I’ve written 32,000 words.

I love vacations.


~ by davekov on 6 March 2011.

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