Public Key (Lxxxvii)

I awoke to find the tent empty. I stretched and sat up and went outside. Hannah was coming back to camp with water from the stream. She wish me a good morning, sparked her propane burner and started to make tea.

I sat down beside her. I didn’t even think to sit farther away. I opened my mouth to say something. Before I could make a sound, Hannah reached into her pocket and stuck a length of white plastic in my mouth.

What is this? I said.

Keep your mouth closed.

Ith ith a fermomether?

Something like that.

I kept my mouth shut. For about ten minutes.

Then it beeped.

She pulled it out of my mouth. Looked at it. Then used it to dig a little hole and therein buried it.

Alright, now can I ask what that was?

I expect you’ll find out.

Or you could tell me.

Her eyes sparkled. Sometimes, she said, a friend is a person who doesn’t ask questions.

I am going to kill you, I said.

Ready to get moving?



~ by davekov on 13 March 2011.

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