Public Key (civ)


It was fascinating to watch it. Fascinating and surreal. I was afraid it would stoke my vanity to see my name in such big letters, to see My Face getting such attention. It did a little. Mostly it just made me conscious of how far away I was from the stir I was making. I was eight thousand miles from that college library where I’d tried to do the right thing. And I was fine with that.

My first video landed with media outlets half an hour before the six o’clock news, Montreal local time. Half an hour later it went up on YouTube for all to see. I don’t think the news stations were too pleased about that. I didn’t care. I was just pumped that I’d pulled it off, that the videos had gotten where I had wanted them to go.

I knew this because I was watching the news when it came in. The BBC, to be precise. I was sitting on the futon, hunched over our new laptop. Hannah had her chin on my shoulder and her arms around my chest. Then the newscaster’s head was replaced by my head. And I talked to myself. Or something like that.

It was my first video. It was short and simple. Hello everyone. You probably know who I am. Sorry I can’t talk more openly, but there’s a price on my head. There shouldn’t be. I’m not a criminal. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I tried to do the right thing. I think I did. The next thing I know I’m being asked to leave the country. So I did. The next thing I know there are bounty hunters coming after me. So I ran. I’m still running. I don’t want to run. I never have. I don’t have much time. I’ll put out another video in a few days. But please. Believe me. I just want to come home.

I was glad I’d insisted on a higher-resolution recording. Also that I’d shaved and cut my hair. I didn’t hardly look like a murderer in exile or a terrorist in a cave. At least, I hoped I didn’t.

They played it in its entirety. They played it a couple times over the next hour. I expect they kept playing it long after, but that’s when Hannah made me stop watching.

They say everybody gets fifteen minutes. These were mine. One three-minute video at a time.



~ by davekov on 31 March 2011.

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