Public Key (cvii)

There were no more messages left. The ball was in their court. I lay in bed with Hannah and watched my fate get decided.

The government in Quebec was in an impossible situation. So every commentator said, over and over again. They could either go ‘soft’ on me, and bring me home, and alienate their Good Old voter base. Or they could keep the line they’d been keeping, alienate everybody else – and they still wouldn’t have me. Nobody thought I was going to get caught. Even the people who wanted me caught. And they seemed fewer and fewer, every day.

So what do you want to do? Hannah said. After you get home.

Shh. You’ll jinx it.

It is still a question. You are famous. What do you want to do with your fame?

Talk shows?

This makes you uncomfortable, she said.

Yes. Sorry.

You can use this, you know. Become an advocate. For computer security. For personal privacy. For legal reform. For freedom of information. You could use this as a catapult into politics. Start your own charity. Your own company. Write a book. Make a movie. Do whatever you want to do.

A French, a Turk, or Proosian-

Or the very model of a modern-major general.

I love you, I said.

You do not hide it well.

I’ve been thinking about it, I said. I have.


How many years of medical school do you have?


I’m sure I’ll find something to do while you’re in class.

She smiled. Then turned up to look at me.

You’re grinning, she said.


You have an idea.


She shrugged, and snuggled closer to me. Just make sure to pick something, she said. Idleness does not become a man. And there are other international fugitives I could be fucking.

Yes ma’am.

A day passed. I didn’t know what I was waiting for. Then I remembered that there was still one communication link that passed directly to me. I went to Luc’s homepage, navigated through the many me-related links and then many math-related links, until I found what I was looking for.

I got choked up a few lines in. Hannah had to read it out loud to me.


Shekondar’s legal troubles are still ongoing. But they are pleased to announce that there are like five labels that are ready to put out their album. So long as they sign an exclusive deal, and tell their story to one label only, they will be guaranteed legal protection.

They’ll have to figure out which label is giving them the best deal. But each label is guaranteeing full access to their team of Super Ninja Attack Lawyers. So maybe it doesn’t matter very much.

Don’t touch that dial. Shekondar’s reunion show is almost here.



~ by davekov on 1 April 2011.

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