Public Key: Linux explanation

To be included on page fifteen, while Protag is in Madagascar.

The editing… it’s coming along.



We talked often, Luc and I. Mostly we talked about my computer. We taught it new tricks. We worked on the tricks I’d taught it. We participated in the wonderful bonding activity known as Fucking With Linux.

Linux is an operating system, like Windows or Macintosh. You can install it on any computer. The main differences between Linux and the others is that it’s free, it’s incredibly customizable, and it’s better.

I’d been running Linux since the first night of college, when Luc had declared he wouldn’t sleep in the same room as closed-source software. Once he explained to me what the hell that meant I acquiesced. And I’d been happy with it ever since.

Linux is free. It has all the same kinds of programs as a Mac or PC. They’re all free too. Any time you have a problem you’ve got half the nerds on the internet getting in line to help you solve it. That’s free too. And it’s so customizable, so incredibly powerful, that you can spend time messing around with it until the gnus come home. And free time I had.

Luc and I played around with it together, him sitting in his office at school, me sitting in my room on an island in the Indian Ocean. He had new things to teach me. I was eager to learn. It was fascinating stuff. Some of it, I thought, might even prove useful.

Mostly I was lonely, and still a little freaked out by what had come and gone, and wanted an excuse to talk with my best friend. If he’d been an opera singer I would have sung scales into my microphone. If he’d been an English major I’d have learned to deconstruct. He was a computer nerd, and so we nerded out.

Thank God for that.


~ by davekov on 28 April 2011.

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