Minuscule: The Devil’s Bridge

There was a village in medieval Europe. Near the village was a stone bridge. It was an amazing bridge. It was thin and sleek and as sturdy as could be wanted.  It went across a span that seemed like nobody could ever make a bridge across. It had been standing since time-out-of-mind. Nobody living could make a bridge like that. Nobody could remember who made it.

The villagers thought that it was made by the Devil. Who else could have made such a bridge? That’s what they whispered, and that’s what they told their children. Centuries passed, and everyone knew the bridge had been made by the Devil.

The railroad came, and then the motor-car. People began to visit the little villages of Europe, and the villagers began to travel too. One day someone from a small village came and asked about their bridge. The villagers responded that it was the Devil’s Bridge.

The traveler couldn’t believe it. Back in their village they too had a bridge that was built by the Devil. It had to have been!

With the introduction of the telegraph, the telephone, the airplane, Europe grew smaller. It was discovered that there were dozens, maybe a hundred bridges which the nearby village knew to have been built by the Devil. They called them Pont du Diable, or Ponte del Diavolo, Puente del Diablo, Teufelsbrucke, Duivelsbrug, Hudičev most, Dyavolski most, moara Dracului.

None of the villages had known about the other bridges. None of them had known that the Devil had been so busy!


~ by davekov on 30 April 2011.

One Response to “Minuscule: The Devil’s Bridge”

  1. You begin four sentences in a row with the word “It”. Of that I do not approve. Cute excerpt though, it amused me. :]

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