Will no one be my meddlesome priest?

A goal without drive is apathy; drive without a goal is self-destruction.

Honesty is not a motive for communication. Those who believe otherwise are being dishonest, either to others or to themselves.

In politics, everyone is innocent until presumed guilty.

Historical analysis makes you the despot over history – not over events, or things, or people, but only over records: a king of dry paper and dust.

A story must transition out. A novelist has a fair amount of control over how this is accomplished. There is The End and THE END and TO BE CONTINUED…, or a blank page (or not) followed by Acknowledgments or About The Author or Afterwards or some erotica about the typeface or &c. To me, though, as an internetted writer, the end of a story – the soft puff of smoke when a candle burns out – is “posted in Uncategorized.” And it works.

Anyone who questions “Why?” is proceeding from false premises.

Autodiagnosis is diagnostically significant.

The DIY Ethic is a rejection of the efficacy of the division of labor. Such an opinion is to economics what a refusal to have your children vaccinated is to biochemistry.

Thievery is the sincerest form of flattery.

Never believe anything a person says about themselves. Either they are wrong of they are lying – and which is worse?

Those who want more of their children will rarely get it. Those who want more of themselves are much more likely to have children who feel the same.

Seriousness is an attitude; substantive is a judgment. One who approaches life with the former does not likely merit the latter – nor will they.

In a situation (such as a modern college) where people are taught to reject their natural beliefs and are forced to defend their opinions, they shall invariably tend towards the path of least resistance: apathy. This is known as ‘adaptation’.

Few are impressed by a desire to impress them.

So long as there are people there will be scarcity. For some people will always demand – and some people will always be scarce.

Modernity is the time-period wherein revolutions, conquests, &c, are considered trespasses against the status quo, rather than changes thereto. If the Palestinians had been sent packing in ’37 instead of ’47, they would never have been heard from again.

The Golden Rule of modern liberalism: Don’t Do Unto Others.

To take is to deserve. Those who are granted rights or freedoms which they do not demand shall never be truly free.

To record is to quantify. What is quantified can be sold. To make a text of a thing is to make it potentially remunerative. For the impecunious, as for the unknown, no further justification is required.

To share an experience with someone is to create an audience. To create an audience is to create a text. To create a text is to justify an experience.

God cannot grant our prayers and still be merciful.

The Streisand Effect: when an attempt to restrict access to content causes a great desire for that content. The Osama Effect: when an attempt to restrict access to the content creator causes a great desire to both view and scrutinize that content.

Marketing is a device for making ubiquity acceptable. VAR: Marketing is the commoditization of ubiquity.

Every character should be sympathetic. Protagonists are for comic books.

When you don’t know what one of your characters should do next – make them figure it out.


~ by davekov on 15 May 2011.

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