I Vlad takes five-year-old Dracula to Nuremberg

II Vlad invades Wallachia; Dracula accompanies

III Death of Sigismund; Vlad meets with Ottomans, rides to Transylvania

IV Playing with Radu; looking up to Mircea; meeting Calugarul

V Vlad to Turkey; Mircea to the Throne; capture of Vlad; reinvasion

VI Dracula and Radu to the Porte

VII Settling into their life; their studies; their play

VIII Crusade of Varna; they wait in Turkey; Radu converts to Islam

IX More training; living the life of Muslim nobility; visit from Calugarul

X Vlad killed; Mircea killed; invasion prepares

XI Invasion of Wallachia; Dracula to the throne

XII Counter-invasion; Dracula flees

XIII Not to the Porte, but to Moldavia; life at the court of Bogdan

XIV Bogdan assassinated; Dracula and Stephan flee

XV To Transylvania; turned away; living on the streets

XVI Back to Moldova; back to Transylvania, alone; summoned to Buda

XVII With Hunyadi’s army; living the life of Catholic nobility; visit from Calugarul

XVIII Dracula to Transylvania with an army; invades Wallachia; kills Vladislav II

XIX Dracula on the Throne; punishment of boyars; policies and politics

XX Invasion of Albu; installation of Stephen to Moldavia; marriage

XXI Restoration of the duchies; execution of the pretenders; peace

XXII Souring relations with Corvinus; defeat of Dan III and his invasion

XXIII Threat of full invasion; stops paying tribute; birth of his son; visit from Calugarul

XXIV Execution of the emissaries

XXV Chevauchee into Bulgaria; preparing for war

XXVI Ottomans on the Danube; guerrilla war

XXVII The Night Attack

XXVIII Mehmet before Targoviste (?????????)

XXIX Radu on the throne; Dracula to Chilia; his army crushed in the rear

XXX Ottomans depart; finds his wife is dead; fights a guerrilla war

XXXI To Hungary; is arrested; sent to Visegard

XXXII Life in prison; year to year; visit by Calugarul

XXXIII Marries a Szilyagi; converts to Catholicism; Radu dies

XXXIV A general in the Black Army; rides into Bosnia; another son born

XXXV Takes Wallachia; endows a monastery; visit by Calugarul

XXXVI Ottoman invasion; dies in combat

EPILOGUE Reign of Calugarul; reign of his son Radu; year of Minhea; history of Romania


~ by davekov on 30 May 2011.

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