This Meddlesome Priest (ii of iv)

Mark, I’m standing in front of the courthouse-

It’s true, she is.

-where Timothy Donegal is currently being tried for the murder of Vicar Thomas Sullivan.

A picture montage starts, filling the entire screen.

Timothy Donegal – Timmy to his friends –

A young man, handsome, small.

-has been in jail for the last two months. The judge offered him a million-dollar bond. Even if he could pay it, he said, he wouldn’t. He deserves, he said, to be in jail.

An empty jail-cell, dark and desolate. Not Timmy Donegal’s, but close enough.

Timmy Donegal was charged with multiple felonies, including first-degree murder, second-degree murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and assault with a deadly weapon.

A picture of the outside of the prison.

Many of these charges are mutually exclusive. He can’t be convicted of both first- and second-degree murder. If he is convicted of first-degree murder, he could face life in prison. He is only nineteen.

Cut to Studio

That’s a lot of life to spend in prison.

It is, Mark. But it is the opinion of many people – including District Attorney Noah Rose – that prison isn’t the right place for Timmy Donegal. It’s not the place where he can get help. It’s not the place where he needs to be.

Studio shows disbelief, but in such a way that nobody is meant to believe it.

Janine, how can a prosecutor say that he thinks the accused is innocent?

Split screen.

Mark, it’s a difficult situation for DA Rose. He has said, from these very courthouse steps, that he intends to show the facts to the jury and to let them decide. Decide whether Timmy Donegal deserves life in prison. Decide whether he’d be better served, that we’d all be better served, if Timmy was treated as a victim himself.

Studio only.

Janine, what’s the mood in the street?

On-Site only.

People in Boston are known for their firm opinions, Mark. But on this issue, many Bostonians are conflicted. A tragedy has occurred, Mark. But many in Boston feel that there have been enough tragedies in Timmy Donegal’s life.

Split screen.

And how are things going in the courtroom?

The trial has been going on for two weeks, Mark, but it’s not expected to last much longer. Timmy himself is expected to take the stand, to explain what happened to him, to explain why he did what he did. He’s being represented by a friend of his from the neighborhood. They aren’t expected to call any other witnesses.

And then?

On-Site only.

Then, Mark, the jury will do its duty.

Studio only.

Thank you, Janine. I’m sure all Boston has only the greatest sympathy for the families and friends of both Vicar Sullivan and Timmy Donegal. One way or another, the story that has come to be known as The Vicar and the Victim will soon be coming to a close.



~ by davekov on 9 June 2011.

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