Remember Leigh

There’s a young man name Leigh who lives up in District Nine. Leigh suffers from a degenerative neuromuscular disorder which has left him completely paralyzed. It’s not just that he can’t walk or wave or wiggle. He can’t talk. He can’t swallow. He can’t blink too very often. He can’t turn his body. He can’t turn his head. The only part of his body over which Leigh has any real control is the ring finger of his right hand, and then only the last two knuckles.

This is enough to allow him, with the assistance of a computer and a miniature keypad, to type out messages. This is enough to allow him to surf the net, to change channels, to signal when his breathing tube has come out and he needs help or he’ll die. It’s not the best life. But it is a life. And Leigh’s been rather enjoying it, ever since he started dating this girl.

Her name’s Terry. They met online. Terry’s getting her master’s in library science. She’s a red-head and she’s curvy and she wears thick black glasses and her hair often as not in a kerchief. She likes old books of poetry and YA fantasy and sex. She gets the first two from the library. The third she gets from Leigh.

Leigh weighs eighty pounds due to muscle loss. She must really love his mind, that everybody knows. As to how their bodies love, all we can remember is that the only movements Leigh can make are little circles with the tip of his finger.

So listen well, all of you who like girls: if you ever feel like you’ve forgotten how to please your lady-

-remember Leigh.


~ by davekov on 11 June 2011.

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