Connection Lost (vii)

 How could this have happened? How could-

Wait. No. What had happened?

Well… the internet had-

No. No way. No fucking way. The data he’d been receiving had simply stopped-

But then his internet had gone down.

It couldn’t possibly have been-

But then his internet had gone down.

Yeah, but that just proved that the dimming of the stars was due to the lag of his own connection failing. Easy enough to-

Over the course of, what, two minutes?

Maybe the Boston trunk had gone out. The other sites had just taken a while to ping-

That doesn’t make any sense.

Well, what else is there! It doesn’t make any more sense that the goddam internet is-

Okay. We just need to confirm. Confirm with other people. Check in and-

Yeah, how, there’s no Internet.

Okay. Fine. Fine! I’ll just call someone, someone not in Boston, and-

At two in the morning?

Well… shit! I have to. I have to! If this is really real-

Then people will notice it all by their lonesome.

Really? How? Just go online and – oh wait, I forgot-

Radio! Radio, television, telephones, all the-

And you think those things are going to work without the internet?

Listen – listen! – if there is a massive internet outage, it will get fixed soon. They can’t let it just-

How do you know?

-the whole country-

How do you know?

Well, of course-

Has anything like this ever happened before?

We still don’t know what this-

Fine, has anything like that ever happened before.




Not in the slightest.

So how do we know it’ll get fixed?

It has to!

Does it?

Goddamit, I’m just going to call someone in LA, wake their asses up, then they can tell me-



Alan stared at his cell phone, which for the first time since he’d arrived in Cambridge had no signal.


~ by davekov on 4 November 2011.

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