Connection Lost (xiv)

He awoke with a pounding in his head. At first he thought it was a hangover. He realized with almost clinical detatchment it was the primeval thumping of fight-or-flight. He had to see if the internet was back up. He had to know what was going on.

Then he looked out his window. The sun was high and the shadows lay in their afternoon reclines. His alarm was supposed to go off at 11 on a Saturday. His alarm of choice was located in the cloud. No alarm, no cloud. No cloud, no internet.

He lay back in bed and took his time to rise. Then it prodded him that he hadn’t plugged in his laptop before going to bed. Alan groaned at himself and then again at the necessity of deblanketing. With unsteay feet beneath him and unkempt brain above, he fed his laptop its feeding tube and booted up.

Everything was in perfect working order. He just didn’t have any internet.

He checked the blinkenlights – the actual blinking lights – on his modem. Nada. He had no access to the world, to the datasphere, to eMail, to his thesis-work. Hell, he didn’t even have access to his thesis, the drafts of which he stored remotely. You know, so they’d be easy to access.

Alan stood still for a moment and stressed at the world. Then he shrugged, got back into bed, and pulled the covers over his head.


~ by davekov on 13 November 2011.

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