Connection Lost (xvi)

It wasn’t the most exciting day of his life. But he watched a new movie and read an old book and paged through enough back issues of Transmet to qualify him for a lobotomy. He made some notes for next week’s classes that he probably wouldn’t follow. He drank a Bawlz and played four hours of computer games. He lifted some weights that never seemed to add anything to his musculature. He took a shower. He took another. He spun some sock poi. He alphabetized his collection of bootdisks****. He opened the blinds and looked at the rising moon. He closed the blinds and thought about… well, use your imagination. He was certainly using his.

With some trepidation he opened the gallon drum of peanut butter. He wondered if he could use a knife and spoon to carve out a complex series of tunnels and caverns. Possibly get some GI Joe’s. Go spelunking.

Alan wondered how long it would be before he swallowed his gleeful paranoia and went the fuck outside.


~ by davekov on 13 November 2011.

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