Connection Lost (xxii)

Day after day, Alan rode out the storm.

Two weeks passed. He’d eaten perhaps half his supplies. He had ten days worth of water, certainly. He was doing pretty well. He was running a little low on batteries in his e-readers but he was far from finished with books he had in print. In ten days, maybe, he’d have to go looking for supplies. In ten days he’d worry about that. For the moment, he had time, and it wasn’t going to well waste itself.

Alan woke in a brilliant dawn. His eyes hurt. He wondered what had happened. His eyes flew about the room, then shut tightly as they settled on the source of the illumination.

The lights were back on.

Alan got up, plugged in his laptop and his e-readers, then turned out the lights and went back to sleep.


~ by davekov on 16 December 2011.

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