Review Grab-Bag ’11: MUSICS

I can summarize for you the history of my musical explorations of the previous year:

JANUARY-FEBRUARY: Listening to things I downloaded as a result of the Great BBV Binge of Ought-Eleven. Most discoveries rather well discussed in last year’s year-end review bonanzaree.

MARCH-JUNE: Sonic Youth. Oh, that was fun.

JULY-AUGUST: Mingus; Ellington; Coltrane; Monk… working my way through the Penguin Crowns

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER: Art Tatum. Miles Davis.  Because I had a crappy job and I needed it.

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER: Suffered a catastrophic hard-drive crash. Had to rebuild my music collection. Using this as an opportunity to listen to all of it again. Again… doesn’t suck.

The result being that I have few reviews to offer, outside of “Daydream/Sister/EVOL are the best albums of the time-space” and “There is some good jazz, I quite enjoy it.” But here’s what we got, so… <3

Caribou – Swim The opening track, “Odessa,” is a pounding dream at the dark bottom of the sea. Everything else is rather background-fading indietronica: music, yes, but not songs. Still, for that one brief moment, indie had a fucking pulse again. And it was wonderful.

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago Every generation thinks it invented certain things: love, honor, sex-drugs-rock and roll. Now we have firm proof that the twenty-ought-tweens have gone one step further: they believe that they have invented twee.

Bon Iver – Bon Iver Orchestral twee; the death of folk; what a 70s supergroup was to 60s rock’n’roll. Record-company polished, record-company indiefied with the judicious application of lo-fi and whine. This may very well be the sound of my generation. But as for myself, I much prefer the sound of Daria setting this guy’s beard on fire.

Mogwai – hardcore will never die but you will Sounds like Sonic Youth after they signed to Geffen. “Happy music for happy people” never had the righteous glory of Daydream, the desperation of Sister, the riot-dirt of EVOL… but at least it didn’t sound like “Tunic (song for Karen)” being played at a lounge out by the airport

GRUM – Heartbeats Managed to convince a bunch of indietards that it wasn’t actually the kind of soulless, hilarious dickpiddle that the mainstream radio spits out every single day. For that I say: epic troll. Epic troll, guys. Now go the fuck away.


~ by davekov on 24 December 2011.

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