Review Grab-Bag ’11: Preamble


What follows are some reviews. They are of things that I have encountered, by and large, over the last twelvemonth. They range in length from pith to paragraph and beyond. In temperament…

…I am probably going to Hell.

It occurred to me, as I was engaged in this delightful little opinion-fest, that some if not many of the following comments might come back to haunt me. And not in the abstract Hill House sense: really quite stab me in the b-t-m. Not the least of which because, between Arisia and Readercon, I stand a better-than-even chance of being able to shake the hand of at least a half-dozen people who were involved in the sordid affairs here put on the reviewing-block. To this I can only say, as ever: Rule 137. Long may it reign!

Now go enjoy my spoiler-ridden ramblings.

Best from my momma’s couch:



~ by davekov on 24 December 2011.

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