Connection Lost (xxiv)

He didn’t have any eMails. He knew that would change.

Every top-level domain was redirecting to a FEMA page. Mostly it contained emergency information. Places to go for food or water. Ways to contact people if you needed help. There was also a three-paragraph statement about what had caused this world-spanning disaster. Four hundred words, and it contained absolutely no real information. Alan was not surprised.

Alan wondered if they’d ever find out what had happend. Or if they did, if what they told the world would be the truth. With what he’d seen, sitting in his office and watching his map go black, perhaps he would be able to contribute to the discussion. It might even make for a good addition to his thesis. He’d have to take it up with his advisor.

He wondered when he’d have the opportunity to get back on campus, back to his life. He didn’t have long to wonder. Within the next few minutes he received three eMails. One was an auto-generated digest of the last three weeks’ worth of webcomics; it was empty. One was an exhortation in broken English for him to get harder, better, stronger, faster (or at least the first of those). And the third was a note to all MIT community members that the campus was open. They had supplies, they had first aid, they had Work that wasn’t going to do itself.

Alan put his laptop in a bag, pulled on a heavy hoodie, and before he could change his mind was out the door.


~ by davekov on 27 December 2011.

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