Today marks the third anniversary of the Thundercurrent Express. Ave, ave, ave.

I am still, from time to time, from day to day, from day to night, a writer. All my writing can be read on this website. All my writing here is available for free. All my writing is belong to all. I’m proud of that.

On a numerical bent, let’s see what the last year has accomplished:


Books written: 3
of which Novels: 2
of which Short Story collections: 1
Short Stories written: 24
Novella written: 2

Grants written: ~90
Full-time jobs had: 1
Duration employed: ~3 months (temp.)
Part-time contracts had: 3
Total Income: $5,342

Debt: $0
Investments: rapidly approaching $0

Total spent on housing: $13000
Total spent on staying alive: ~$3000
Total spent on grad school applications: $1500
Total spent on interviews (clothing, transport, &c): >$2000
Total spent on frivolity: very near $0
Income minus costs: -$14000

books read: (a large number)
books begun and abandoned: (an even larger number)
books I liked: (a small number)
works of fiction I liked: (a smaller number)
books I bought: 0

zip code: 02138
months I can afford to remain in this zip code: 4
opportunities I have to remain here rent-free: 1
smiley face: :-)


novels: 6
novella: 17
short stories: 42
screenplays: 1
stageplays: 2

works published: 0

literary agent applications: 400+
literary agent acceptances: 0

magazine applications: ~20
magazine acceptances: 0

grad school applications: +-40
grad school acceptances: 0

job applications: over 900
jobs considered: over 9000
power level: …

job interviews (telephone): something like 50
job interviews (en corpore): something like 25
jobs offered: 0

lifetime income: ~$12000
years working: 10
average yearly wage: MATH IS NOT MY FRIEND

money invested: $2000
money returned: $23,000
amount of my student debt at time of graduation: $23,000
coincidence: both wonderful and TERRIBLE

degrees earned: 1
degree type: BA
number of guitar chords I can play: 24
these things: related

posts to the Express: 941
percentage of prose posted here: 100
hits received: 13,090
fraction of hits that come from friends of mine: large
fraction of hits which come from people I’ve never met before: large

amount I’ve earned from my writing: $0
amount I’ve spent in order to share my writing with the world: $0

my age: 25
years I have left (average from various actuarial tables): 65
amount of prose I could produce in that time: →∞

my disposition: <3


~ by davekov on 23 January 2012.

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  1. This post contains 2505 characters. :-D

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