Today I am working from 8 to 7 with my Gentleman. Over the course of these eleven hours I shall prepare, serve, and clean three meals; take two walks; give two car-rides; serve several small bowls of frozen yogurt; and most likely deal with a little meltdown or three. I shall also do household chores, including the removal of garbage; cleaning of kitchen; washing and storing of dishes; and folding and sorting the Gentleman’s laundry.

For this I will be paid a c-note, be given three square meals… and, of course, earn my beautiful apartment.

I ain’t complainin’.

Moreover, these eleven hours will still not be filled from the tasks-at-hand. Taking care of El Jefe requires one’s constant readiness, but not hardly constant work. Assuming a good day for the Fellow, and I were to microwave my meals and otherwise deal with all things with alacrity, it would not surprise me if 8 of the 11 hours were very much at my disposal. So long as I do it with my Gentleman – that is to say, in his general vicinity – all is well.

The charm of getting paid to sit and read Terry Pratchett for three hours will, I trust, never lose its luster. Yet I feel that, with such a quantity of free time, I owe it to myself to do things of interest – just as I would on any other day. And if I do not owe it to the Gent to be interesting and entertaining, it surely cannot hurt.

As such, here are some ways that I will be spending my time with him:

-Instead of reading to myself, I shall read to him out loud. I hope he likes revisionist historiography!

-Instead of making simple meals, I will use this as an opportunity to craft meals of dulcet ridiculousness. Today I think breakfast will be shirred eggs in brown butter; lunch, sugared chicken pie a la the Marrakesh; dinner, extra-thick country style pork ribs that I’ve been brining in sesame-shoyu-sriracha for half a week – roasted on a hot grill.

-I will take some time to build a book of recipes for myself, that I might try with him.

-I will play him the guitar.

-I will take the time to build a book of chords and tabs of songs that I can practice with him.

-I will build a library of movies that we might watch together

-I’ll involve him in my little sewing projects. All the more when I get myself a new sewing machine. Until then – embroidery! (Probably while watching movies)

-I’ll practice my speechcraft in his vicinity. OK, maybe I don’t have the balls for this.

-I’ll take him on walks to interesting places. As many as I can find hereabouts. (List in progress!)

…because you know me – I’m nothing if not systematic in my ridiculousness.

Today I think I shall also brew a batch of beer. He won’t be able to indulge in the final project, nor even much help with the process. But at least it will be something active that I can do in his liebensraum – and at least, it’s something I want to have-done.


~ by davekov on 22 March 2012.

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