Kickstarter FAQ

Q: I’d love to help you fund the performance, but I’m broke. Is there some other help you need?
A: The best thing you can do is pass along the good word! If you twitter, tweet about it. If you Facebook, give us a status or two.
Q: I don’t want to sign up for a Kickstarter account. Can I help you some other way?
A: We always accept donations, but they won’t go towards our Kickstarter goal.
Q: When will the performance begin?
A: Doors open at 8. Curtain rises at 8:30.
Q: How do I get to the performance?
BY CAR: Some on-site parking. On-street parking is metered, or free with a local sticker.
BY BIKE: Several bike racks are available at the location. Fixed gear bicycles will be towed at owner’s expense.
BY TRAIN: The venue is located near several stops on the Red Line. It is also on the Red Shift Line, which is outbound only.
BY BUS: The 88 bus and the 90 bus both stop near the venue. The π bus circles it. We cannot vouch for the ζ(s) bus at this time.
BY BOAT: Pleasurecraft can find easy moorings in Boston Harbor. For superyachts, aircraft carriers, and deep submersible vehicles, please contact the Massachusetts Port Authority.
BY AIRPLANE: Commercial and private planes can land at Logan Airport. Smaller airplanes are encouraged to use cozy Runway 33R (2,557′), whereas military aircraft and supersonic transport can land on spacious Runway 15R/33L (10,083′).
BY SEAPLANE: See the whitespace between ‘by boat’ and ‘by airplane.’
BY HOT AIR BALLOON: Metered tethering is available throughout the city. Special discounts if you are Cory Doctorow.
BY HORSE: Equine transportation is discouraged in the greater Boston metropolitan area. Please contact us in advance to arrange for oats and carrots.
BY PONY:  A 20% Cooler tax will be levied on all ponies.
BY CHOCOBO: Hitching is available on the street. Please disable all alarm systems, as chocobo squawks will interrupt the performance.
BY RICKSHAW: Due to the recent strike, rickshaws have become an unreliable form of transportation. They have been known to give you up, let you down, run around, and even desert you.
BY BATMOBILE: You can park anywhere you damn well please.
BY AIRSHIP: Docking is available at the venue. You must bring your own rappelling harnesses.
BY CATAPULT: The average building height in the area is three stories. Make sure to factor this into your trajectory calculations.
BY BATTERING RAM: Doors open at 8. We would prefer them not to fall before 8:30.
BY TAUNTAUN: As the performance will be occurring in late June, your tauntaun is unlikely to freeze before you reach the first marker. There will be an added valet fee if they smell bad on the outside.
BY FAST TRAVEL SYSTEM: For those traveling from Tamriel, please allow 2-4 minutes staring at a loading screen before arrival.

~ by davekov on 29 May 2012.

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