Jack Fucks La Wally (ii)

From one night stands to all but spouses, there are guilds and there are houses. Here’s a brothel or an auction-mart. There’s a temple or a place of art. Darkest dungeon? Silken sheet? Quiet bathouse where they wash your feet? Girls in leather, boys in lace? A carnival with covered face? Conversation, quick delight, what you think is wrong or right. Three-year courtship, minute’s pleasure. Whatever moments you will treasure.

Take the Omega Retreat. Geisha girls with binded feet. Here to serve you, here to smile. More arousing all the while. Days of building up your fire. Days and nights of just desire. Right before you lose your head, you find her waiting in your bed.

Here’s the House One Three Six Nine, a house of only shortest time. Pay a price, come through the door. Fifteen minutes, nothing more. Many girls in a great pile. Many thrills if that’s your style. Choose a damsel, grunt and heave. Then zip up and take your leave.

What about the Pillow Guild? Find your dream, see it fulfilled. They’ll find just what makes you glad. Kinks you didn’t know you had. All are shrinks and all are lovers. PhDs ‘neath satin covers. Leave a tip on the night-stand; by then she’ll have clipboard in hand.

SCA’s does recreate a scene a week new tastes to sate. One week Rome, another Greece – cotton togas, golden fleece. Then perhaps the Regency – Paris, London, Italy. Shining armor, velvet drapes. Sultan’s haram feeding grapes. In a tower or under ground, it’s the same girls each week round. Go through time and clime and land, guided by familiar hand.

Some prefer Apollo’s, known for its amateur hour. Alone of all the networks, it provides ladies not of the night. So brides and wives, students and teachers can, for cash and cavort, find a man – just for an hour. What a way to taste the life of a working lay.

Coxwains’ charges by the hour for a girl who’ll naught but glower. Yes of course it’s all a ruse – but she’ll still give you abuse. Ignore you, tease, or insult, till you start the great tumult. Then she’ll let you take and take. If that’s your thirst, she lets you slake.

What about the Girl-A-Week? Well they keep it tongue-in-cheek! Once for every seven days, a door knock, then a sultry gaze. A girl dressed in Classic Whore. A girl you’ve never seen before. Unrolls stockings, one by one. Before work you have your fun. Then off to your nine-to-five. All aglow and all alive. And before a week has passed, a door-knock, and new piece of ass.

Marty’s on fourteenth has style all their own. The girls all smile. Laughing, grinning, having fun. No dark rooms; under the sun they ply their trade. Beneath blue sky! Sparkling teeth and shining eye. Kiss your cheek, then dance away. Ready for you any day.

Some Trade-makers wax and wane. Some don’t last to give refrain. Dice’s Choice is hot this week. Not for those who like to seek. Pick a time, supply a place. They give you a pretty face. She walks in, she lays you down. Next time a new girl comes around.

Carnivale is quite the thrill. Tell them your life with a will. Where you work, where you play. Who you see from day to day. One day – some day – time will tell – get a call to a hotel. In your room you find a mask. Ready yourself for the task. Go to the adjoining suite. Find a girl selfsame replete. Have your fun, and then you go – sure that she’s someone you know. From the office, favorite perch, favorite restaurant, from your church. Back in the world: dumbfound! as with wide wonder you look around.

As the Legion ways to sate, there’s just as many to operate. Charge by hour, charge by day, charge by second, charge by lay. Some by her work, some your glee. Some (not many) with sliding fee. Some flat rate, then help yourself. Some in ways other than wealth. A favor here, a service there: there’s ways to get free derriere. Some they only work for tips. Some go with you on your trips – the night with you, the day alone! A beach in trade for moonlight moan. Some it’s how they get their rise. Some just like the exercise.

One service costs more or less. One girl who with Something’s blessed can make more money, get more trade. Some cut rates just to get laid. One girl doesn’t need to try while one works hard just to get by. It’s a market, forces play; it’s a job, you make it pay. Some can’t cut it, some go far, some girls they become a star.

They’re demanded. Highest grade. Celebrities within the trade. Hand in hand with fortune, fame. You know their body. You know their name.


~ by davekov on 19 June 2012.

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