I have never been sufficiently liquid to be able to count my dollars for the sake of counting. Nor have I ever been so poor. No decrease has ever been substantive enough to require hairpulling, no increase so great as to be anything but easily convertible – into goods and services.

But what good or service does at the moment draw my greatest attention depends very much on the time in question. When I was young I thought of money solely in terms of the number of Magic cards it could buy. Somewhat older, the number of bottles of wine which I could buy (in order to lay them down… natch). Only recently I have gone from counting my earnings in the number of month’s rent it would allow me to pay… thank bloody God.

Here’s an ‘umble infographic of the coins in which, over the years, I havereckoned my net worth.


~ by davekov on 5 August 2012.

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