The Sweat of the Brow (51)

Why smuggle bombs? Too easy to spot. Volatile chemicals, complex wiring or moving parts. You can’t get a bomb into a pod, let alone the Pipe. There hasn’t been a bombing in a generation.

Why smuggle guns? Each one’s tagged. Pull the trigger and the cops know before the bullet lands. Every bullet’s a shot heard round the world. There are illegal guns. They must get moved somehow. It isn’t by the Pipe. You wouldn’t make it through the terminal door.

Why smuggle drugs? If you want to get high you go to a bar and get high. Give you a room with nice soft corners, your drug of choice, and lock you in. The only stuff they won’t give you is stuff nobody wants to take anyway. The only people getting rich off of drugs are the pharma companies with the best advertising campaigns.

What do you smuggle? Things with value. Information. Something new. A new hybrid, a new disease, these things could affect the entire world. The company who gets there first can sit back and count its money. There’s no coming in second. A little edge can be all that separates you from billions – or bankruptcy. Industrial espionage: it’s the only market worth blacking.

Why send a living sample? DNA’s just information. Why send sheet music when you can hear the concert live? Besides, it’s safer. A cort leaves records; a physical thing, none. If it’s handled correctly. That’s why Katie gave me handwritten notes on paper that all but self-destructs.

Info and bio. Not bombs or bullets. Far more valuable. Far more dangerous. So they screen for them. Maybe not every pod. But if you take a pharm into the Pipe, you’re going to get asked some questions. And the pharm as well. It might not self-destruct. But it very well might. You won’t have that option. You’ll just wish you had.

I don’t know what Katie was thinking. I don’t know if she even knows. This might be a test. This might be a fuckup. All I know is, I can’t take the box into the Pipe.

But that’s not true. Of course I can. It will just be very unpleasant. I can’t imagine that’s what’s wanted. Perhaps it is. I’m not paid to dream. Maybe they’re paying me to cause a scene. Maybe I’m being paid just to get caught.

If that’s the case, they aren’t paying me enough.

I have to get the box home – but I won’t get in the Pipe.


~ by davekov on 3 September 2012.

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