lime rickey

a girl from the land always Somer
was buzzed by a boy with a Hummer
quoth she: “you’re a player
(with the ozone layer)
though you may be a high-incommer”

said he: “but I’m being ironic!
don’t you find that quite a fair tonic?”
said she: “on a panel
about wearing flannel.
In Davis that mein is chthonic”

said he: “that’s a pretty big word
for such a small girl. what a nerd.”
punched she: at his dick
(small as a toothpick)
and went back to sketching a bird


~ by davekov on 30 October 2012.

2 Responses to “lime rickey”

  1. Oh em gee you did not just make an epic “PHITD” reference in the same limerick trifecta that contained “chthonic”.

  2. Brony’s talk shit, Imma punch em in the dick

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