Survival Kit

Over the last few weeks I have been assembling a survival kit.





The project had other beginnings. I needed to assemble a basic EMT kit for class. The number of things I already had which could constitute an emergency kit was, upon reflection, staggering. What I could scrounge from other sources, even moreso. After that it was just a matter of filling in a few lacunae. The entire exercise cost me something like $50.

But it has been an interesting exercise. Lots of study. I’ve learned quite a bit. I can’t say I’ll sleep terribly safer for the knowledge of having it. But preparation is the key to happiness – and paranoia won’t enable itself.

Not the least as I am now a primary caregiver to a man who is non compos. Which is an excellent justification for, y’know, pretty much anything.

And it has been *relaxing* – like pruning orchids – for it is hard work, and requires the accumulation of special knowledge, and as with flower-breeding one’s work gives a clear tangible result while simultaneously being entirely without necessity or imminent use. Yay surrogate activities!

Here, then, is the survival kit which I have put together. As well as my editorializing. CRITICISM AND SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!

==== =====================================================



(note: many of the items listed are similar to those which I have, not identical – since much of my kit is scrounged.)


-CamelBak M.U.L.E. 100/854 – : 100 ounces of water in clear reservoir, several pockets, several straps, torso harness, tube for drinking while keeping hands free

-A small waterproof container –


-hand-cranked LED flashlight – : two brightness levels

-hand-cranked radio – : with small solar cell & USB recharging outlet

-penlight – : nurse’s standard

-ultrabright flashlight – : 1600 lumens, focusable for long distance signalling


-stethoscope –

-emergency shears – : rust-proof, autoclavable

-blood pressure cuff –

-CPR mask –

-breathing masks –

-ear plugs

-wrap-around safety goggles

-a *bunch* of nitrile surgical gloves


-a box of assorted band-aids, waterproof

-a bottle of aspirin

-a bottle of extra-strength ibuprofin

-a bottle of prescription painkillers ^.^

-tube SPF40 sunscreen

-tube triple antibiotic ointment

-sterile cotton square bandages

-Ace athletic bandage

-roll of waterproof surgical tape

-q-tips and cotton balls

-two boxes of dental floss – known by survivalists as perhaps the most versatile tool in their kits

-half dozen maxi pads/tampons – both good in emergency medical situations as well as for their intended purpose

-two dozen single-serving presurgical alcohol swabs

-hand sanitizer

-five unlubricated condoms. off-label uses include food/water storage & waterproofing

-roll of toilet paper

-space blankets –

…everything in the first aid kit is sealed in heavy duty ziploc plastic bags

…also sealed within them are a half-dozen empty heavy duty ziploc plastic bags


-duct tape, large roll

-electrical tape

-“tenacious” fabric tape –

-can of WD-40. as the wise man says, “if it moves and it shouldn’t, use duct tape. if it doesn’t move and it should, use WD-40)

-a large tube of super glue

-tire patch kit (as for a bicycle flat)


-water treatment tablets –

-a dozen herbal tea bags – to flavor less-than-fresh water


-strike-anywhere matches – – burn underwater, at 80 below, in hurricane-force winds, etc

-firesteel – : except I bought a blank and lathed a handle out of curly maple

-magnesium rod – shave off a little, spark it, burns like the Sun

-two small bags of fatwood – uber-tinder

-four 15-hour plumber’s candles


-folding saw – : as for trees and firewood

-bowie knife –

-swiss army knife – : includes all the tools


-pair of binoculars

-survival whistle – : floats, contains small waterproof compartment, COMPASS

-100′ of 550lb paracord – : it’s amazing how much a good survival kit resembles a good bondage kit!

-two carabiners – and

-cable lock –


-emergency poncho

-pair of mirrored sunglasses


-broad-spectrum antibiotic

-a pocket guide to emergency medicine

-a pocket guide to wilderness survival

-biolite camp stove

-nail clipper

-antifungal cream

-two pairs of socks. two pairs of underwear. a t-shirt. a hoodie. a windbreaker/rainslicker.

-hibi cleanse

-tylenol PM, to render one insensitive to the zombie hordes

-small dr. bronner’s


-instant energy drink (of the electrolyte/vitamin/caffeine kind)

-emergency rations! power bars come to mind

-some big ol’ flares

-a pair of those post-eye-surgery UV-blocking sunglasses

-toothbrush and tooth powder

-a few fishing hooks and sinkers

-bug repellent

-mini sewing kit. possibly some heavy-duty nylon thread.

-small can waterproofing spray

-small piece of cookware that could go over a fire, boil water

-bottle Tea Tree oil

-bottle peppermint essential oil, to dull sense of smell

-smelling salts

-tube epoxy

-tums, pepto, or the like

-a powerful antihystamine


…because the goal is to survive the apocalypse, NOT to turn it into a challenging adventure game :-)


~ by davekov on 10 November 2012.

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