these are a few of my favorite things


Advise and Consent – Annie Hall – La Battaglia di Algeri – The Beast – Brick – Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo – Casablanca – Chinatown – Cidade de Deus – Conspiracy – Der Untergang – Duck Soup – The Endless Summer – La Grande Illusion – La Jetee – King Rat – Ladri di Bicyclette – Lawrence of Arabia – A Man For All Seasons – The Man Who Would Be King – The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh – Michael Collins – Diarios di Motorcicleta – Une Prophete – Restrepo – Sinchin noh Samurai – The Third Man – La Violin Rouge – Z



Gillian Welch – Elliot Smith – Black Ox Orkestar – Neutral Milk – early Zeppelin – early Sonic Youth – late Of Montreal – King Crimson (In The Court of the Crimson King) – Tull (Aqualung) – Wire (Pink Flag) – Pixies (Surfer Rosa) – Caribou (Swim)


Bartoli singing Caldara – Siepi singing Mozart – Yo-Yo Ma playing Paganini – Rachmaninoff playing Rachmaninoff – Pao Casals playing Bach – Glenn Gould playing Bach – Heifetz playing Bach – Segovia playing Bach – a rheumatic donkey playing Bach – de Larrocha playing anything


Robert Johnson – Skip James – Art Tatum on Capitol – Monk on Prestige – Mingus on Columbia – Nina on Phillips – anything on Tacoma – Mulatu Astatke on anything



Watership Down (Adams) – Q (“Blissett”) – King Rat (Clavell) – Fancies & Goodnights (Collier) – Heart of Darkness (Conrad) – Going Solo (Dahl) – The Name of the Rose (Eco) – Neuromancer (Gibson) – The Physician (Gordon) – Starship Troopers (Heinlein) – A Rebours (Huysmans) – A Canticle of Leibowitz (Miller) – A Hero of Our Time (Lermontov – Paul Foote trans.) – The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Lovecraft) – El Club Dumas (Perez-Reverte) – Gateway (Pohl) – Hyperion (Simmons) – Cryptonomicon (damn right Cryptonomicon) – Farewell Great King (Walsh) – Nine Princes in Amber (Zelazny)


The Devil’s Doctor (Ball) – Mao (Chang+Halliday) – Ghost Wars (Coll) – Talleyrand (Cooper) – Lives of the Necromancers (Godwin) – The Destruction of the European Jews (Hilberg) – Leviathan (The Monster of Malmesbury) – Foreign Devils on the Silk Road (Hopkirk) – The Autumn of the Middle Ages (Huizinga) – The Devils of Loudon (Huxley) – Adventures on the Wine Route (Kermit The Lynch) – The Arms of Krupp (Manchester) – Dreadnought (Massie) – The Kingdom (Lacey) – Homage to Catalonia (Orwell) – Escape from the Future (Petrov) – The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber (Rubinstein) – The Monsters & The Critics (Tolkien) – Vlad III (Treptow)


The City (anon.) – The Prisoner of Chillon (Byron) – The Lamentations (Deor) – Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae (Dowson) – Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (Gray) – The Modern Traveler (HB) – A Shropshire Lad (Houseman) – Recessional (Kipling) – The Congo & Other Poems (Lindsay) – it’s complicated with Paradise Lost (Milton) – Vitai Lampada (Newbolt) – Dulce Et Decorum Est (Owen) – The City in the Sea (Poe) – Dolores: Notre-Dame des Sept Douleurs (Swinburne) – On The Sale By Auction Of Keats’ Love-Letters (Wilde)


Agamemnon (Aeschlyus) – A Man For All Seasons (Bolt) – Faust I (Goethe) – Marat/Sade (Weiß) – Axel (Villiers de i’Isle-Adam)


Grim Fandango – Planescape:Torment – Trilby’s Notes – Myst – Riven – Braid


~ by davekov on 28 November 2012.

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