Today marks the sixth anniversary of this little blog of mine. Ave, ave, ave.

I never quite stopped scribbling. But it has not been my dedication. This because I have had else to do to feel accomplished – or at least, to burden my time.

At the moment I am bored out of my gourd. (2L a-go-go.)

Let’s see to ‘umble ought-fourteen as she was played.


novels written: 0

novels to which writing has been added: 3

novellas:  2

short Stories: 4


essays:  7

of which for graduate school: 0


works published: 0

works pending publication: 2

remuneration to be received therefrom: $0


books read: three figures

challenging, substantive, technical: many

that latter category: fiction and nonfiction alike


credit hours completed: 30

cases briefed: hundreds

GPA: splendid, meaningless


job applications: hundreds

total since graduating college: thousand-plus

batting average: working on it


countries visited: 7

new museums: a dozen at least

mountains hiked: several

tropical beaches laid upon: yeah


miles biked: >1k

on a single tour: 600

room to improve?: absolutely


past: bright

future: brighter

present: not half bad




Here, then, is to 2015

Goodbye and hello, as always.



~ by davekov on 22 January 2015.

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