Northern Tier: jacket-blurb

The cities fell and mankind struggle to rebuild. Market-towns grow, city-states flourish, little nations war.

Moving between them are bicycle couriers, long-haul cycers who spend months crossing the scarred land that used to be America. They carry messages for merchants and statesmen. They haul the most precious cargo for the highest bidder.

Slip is a cycer. Her country is the open road. She beats back and forth from sea to sea, across mountain and meadow, sleeping under the stars. She must be fast because she’s still alive.

One day Slip picks up a new cargo. Bandits fall on her and she’s lucky to get away alive. She realizes that what she’s carrying could change the balance of power in the world: usher in a renaissance, or destroy what little they’ve rebuilt. Slip must outrun brigands, outwit warlords, and outlast the raw elements of the northern tier. She has four thousand miles to ride, and one great choice to make.


~ by davekov on 7 May 2015.

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