Auchentoshan: The second ingredient in a whiskey and water

The Speyside: For when there’s a dog at your feet, a blanket across your legs, and a combination of the two across your tongue.

Smokehead: What you were drinking when you thought it would be funny to name your son ‘Peater’

Glenfiddich: What comes out of a Scotsman who’s drank too much Cao Ila

Macallan: When you want your drinking problem to remind you of your Hershey Bar problem

Laphroaig: Never again get caught pouring Everclear into your kelp smoothie

Oban: Now with more Oban!

Glenlivet: What happens if you feed vodka to an oak tree.

Bruichladdich: Drink it all and you’re sure to think of a good use for the bottle

Lagavulin: What you think the people your kids hate would drink

Octomore: A PTSD trigger for arson victims


~ by davekov on 14 December 2015.

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