On Immigration

Many aspects of immigration policy are political questions, with multiple rational perspectives, worthy of debate. What is going on now is not that. It should not pass itself off as a rational perspective, nor should it preempt debate.

My outlook is rather simple. America – my country – has spent trillions of dollars to go over there and try to make them more like us. Now they are coming here and asking for the privilege of being more like us. In the case of Syrians, they are begging.

The lefty party of me says we should try to help if we can. But the conservative part of me says: this is an opportunity.

We let them earn a living and pay taxes. We show them how great our way of doing things is, and how good our people are. We make them want to be like Americans and to make their country like America. And we do it at hardly any cost to us.

There is a risk to doing this. But the risk can be brought almost to zero with just a screening process (which we have) and a little show of kindness (a pittance). In the long run, it will accomplish a lot of what we’ve spent 7 trillion dollars, and sacrificed 7,000 American lives, to try to do. In the long run, I expect it will work better.

I don’t think we should ignore such an opportunity. And to see it, and throw up our hands and say “it’s too hard,” is defeatist. It isn’t just the moral thing to do – it is the self-interested thing to do. We should do it.


~ by davekov on 29 January 2017.

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