On Immigration II

I was recently asked if I thought America had a moral duty to admit refugees.

I replied: that isn’t the question, here. That would be a reasonable discussion about policy, with many perspectives, and multiple possible solutions.

But this isn’t that.

What’s going on now is

1) confusing and ambiguous orders

2) some of which are totally unenforceable

3) some of which are against US law

4) some of which are unconstitutional

5) and some of which are a clear usurpation of authority by the Executive

6) that are way overbroad (throwing out the baby with the bath water)

7) and also way underbroad (doesn’t apply to PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN, SAUDI ARABIA, EGYPT, LEBANON, INDONESIA, THE PHILIPPINES… I could go on…).

-#s 1 and 2 are really dangerous. They are contrary to law and order.

-#s 3 and 5 are also really dangerous. They are injurious to law, to separation of powers, and above all they set a really bad precedent – on this issue (for future presidents) and on other issues for the next four years.

-#s 6 and 7 show that the President’s orders are either really stupid or really evil. Most people are protesting because they presume it’s the second one. I think the first one is cause for protest, too.

Let’s also not forget that refugees are only a small part of this order. Most people affected are visa holders – tourists, workers, and students. These are a huge source of money (tourism, shopping, medical tourism, and college tuition payments) as well as labor (THAT PAYS US TAXES). It’s also our #1 way to showcase American values – when these people go home, they bring tales of our success, our kindness, and our freedom. And they pay us for the privilege!

Remember: for 60 years, we have been begging for our enemies to defect to us. We have done everything in our power to accept people from the USSR, from Cuba, from North Korea. In the latter case, we still do. Of course there are safeguards. There were then, and there are now, they are incredibly sophisticated and they work incredibly well. The idea that a Russian defector is somehow less dangerous than a five-year-old from a farm is really, really stupid. 

So yes, I am against these policies. I think they’re bad law and bad precedent as well as being generally bad policy. I’m not a radical and I’m not on The Other Side. I’m a citizen. I am engaging in citizenship.


~ by davekov on 1 February 2017.

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