Eine Kleine Uhrmusik

A few months ago I began learning about wristwatches. (My interest was one part professional, one part natural, and fourteen parts post-surgical analgesics.)

I’m pleased to say that I now have a sound understanding of What’s Out There in the watchworld. I’m also pleased to say that I have rather exhausted my interest in the topic. It is always nice to descend, locust-like, upon a new subject; explore it; enjoy it; and burn it out. It does not do to linger. To be a dilettante of one thing is to have a little hobby and be a little man; but to be a dilettante of all things is to be alive.

But at the end of my time with the subject, something occurs to me: I don’t know what watch I want.

There are thousands upon thousands of wristwatches. But they offer more than just aesthetic variety. They have different functions – not just mechanical functions, but uses to a person. They say different things. And I’m not entirely sure what I want to say.

And that is because I don’t know what I want to be.

For example: if I was to be a businessman, I expect I would want something that is masculine, expensive, and goes well with a suit or a polo shirt. A sport-watch, maybe a diver. Probably in steel. A Subby or a Speedy if we’re being classical; a Polar Explorer or a PAM560, a little more interesting; a Ploprof or a Naut or a Bremont-WT, unconventional but still appropriate. Whereas if I was to be a lawyer I might want something simpler, dressier. Maybe something halfway between sport and dress, like a sector-dial JLC Master Control or Calatrava; or a sportier watch with a gold touch, like a Breguet Marine (5827) or a Sedna Speedy; or a pure archaism, like a Senator Chronometer or Cornes de Vache. And if I was  going into tech, I might want something simpler, like a Sinn or Stowa; or something far more complicated, like a Portugieser Perpetual or a tourbillon. And if I was going to Hollywood I expect I would want to stand out in my fashion, and would get a Snowtrooper or a Panerai LAB-ID.

Whereas, at the moment, I would be very happy to take up any of these careers. I am an ambitious and capable man, and I am unemployed as the day is long. This is not a situation to which I would like to match a wristwatch – any more than I’d like to determine what wine to pair with a Big Mac and pack of Camels.

It is hard even for me to dream. Because if I got my foot in the door at a white-shoe law firm, I expect that I should be very happy to spend the next forty years of my life at the law. And if I got my foot in the door in an investment bank, I would absolutely relish the opportunity to earn my weight in gold. And if I could join a startup I would work eighty hours a week, week in, week out, to make my fortune and that of those around me.  I know which of these I would prefer – but at this point, if one presents itself, then that is the one I shall take – shall fucking pounce on.

As a result, until my life has a bit more direction, I shall have to content myself with the knowledge that the world offers great lives and great things to complement them. And hopefully I will find one for myself. Hopefully – for the love of God.


~ by davekov on 6 March 2017.

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