A Dream Of Spring

Here’s a dream, then:

April 2017: Head up to Kingfield. Finish studying for, & take, the GMATs. Hope that the world melts enough to do some practice hiking. Spend a week in Seville (!) visiting Cousin Abigail (!!!).

May – July 2017: Start my flip-flop. Head to Harper’s Ferry and start hiking north. Hope to hit Katahdin by the last day of July.

August 2017: Come home. Perform Rosalba’s wedding. Submit my bschool applications. Hike the Long Trail.

September 2017: Perform Zach and Mary’s wedding. Take the shuttle back to Harper’s and start hiking south.

November 2017: Hear back from bschools. Head to Auckland and start hiking south on Te Araroe.

April 2018: Finish the TA. Fly home by means of Bangkok. Spend a week relaxing. Head to Sukumvhit and have a bespoke suit tailored. Fly to San Diego and start the PCT nobo.

May-August 2018: Hike as much of the PCT as God allows.

September 2018: Start business school – with a good suit.


~ by davekov on 3 April 2017.

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