On my first day of a white-collar job, I will need to go in armed and armored. I would like to be prepared with multiple armor-sets. Loosely speaking: several suits, all (most likely) in enticing shades of mid-light grey. Accessories will be grouped into Black, Chestnut, and Blue. Some things will not need to be matched to dress. Some will.

Things I’ll need to buy are in bold.


Briefcase: ChestnutGurkah counselorBlack: The same in walnut. BlueLV.

Pen: Black: My Cross, or a Montblanc Meisterstück 149. BlueOmas ART. ChestnutDupont Defi. Inks to match.

Notepad: Moleskine “Volant”, light grey or dark; maybe something lighter to match with chestnut.

Casual watch: I can put my Desk Diver on steel, my Timex flieger on chestnut, and my Radiomir clone has leather bands in black, blue, and brown – God bless China.

Formal watch: Dress on leather (black, brown, blue, or chestnut – I’ve got ’em all).

Wallet: Chestnut: Gurkah passport. Blue: Bellroy slim-sleeve or Gurkah classic. I have one in black, or I will replace with another Gurkah.

Shoes: Black: Allen Edmonds “Cornwallis”. Chestnut: Stacy Adams “Corrado”. I also have a pair of blue strandmoks, grey Bass brogues, and oxblood Cole Haan monkstraps – but all are rather casual.

Belts: The three colors of this LV would work – but God that’s expensive.


Phone: Samsung S7 Active with 256GB MicroSD

Laptop: Lenoxo X270, maxed out

Multitool: Leatherman Style CS OR Skeletool CX

Springbar tool: W&W mini

Flashlight: Olight 90, battery, OR Thrunite 1100, rechargeable

Compass: Suunto clipper

Magnifier: Pocket fresnel lens

Battery pack: Lumsing 10400mAh, with quickcharge plug and cable

Towel: PackTowel “Nano”, grey

Toiletries: Deodorant – hand cream – sunscreen – lip balm

Collar stays: Exuvius titanium multitool

Ties: Yeah, I’m good.


To do this from tip to tail will cost me about eight thousand dollars. The best that can be said is that these costs should all be amortized over a minimum of a decade, quite possibly 3 or 4. And I will have the true pleasure, in every occurrence, of buying the best – which ain’t nothing.

There would be other expenses. Five suits, ten shirts, ten pairs of underwear, ten pairs of socks – at a minimum. Call it another three grand right there. But such is life.

Of course I could get away with doing things more cheaply. Deciding to only wear one color of accessory, instead of all three, would cut three or four grand from the above. And I could wear cheaper suits. But I would not want to. It would reflect poorly, on me and on my company. Can’t have that.



~ by davekov on 25 April 2017.

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