Full Aspirational

And if we were to dream of millions?

Two homes: an apartment in Manhattan; a mountain-house above Oaxaca.

The apartment: small, with a view of the city. Skybox windows, quartersawn floors. Gym in the building, doorman to take deliveries. A little bit of grass on the roof.

The house: small, with a view of mountains. Same wood, same design. Throw in a window-seat or two. A little tiled patio out back. A pergola draped in grape-vines. A backyard wrapped in a high fence. Farmbots culling vegetables, cut trees for mushrooms, trees giving fruit.

Both: Decorated inside with campaign furniture, white oak and chestnut leather. Chairs and tables and desk, all collapsible. Chests with stout handles. Butcherblock table. A heavy couch.

Kitchen: Block of Miyabi Birchwood knives, pantry of Le Creuset and hammered copper. VitaMix, NeuroFuzzy, La Pavoni manual espresso pull, ROK table grinder, pourover cone. Several tea sets: iron, porcelain, raku.

Living-room: Preposterous television. Speakers and soundbar. Excellent computer. Little bar with mezcal and armagnac, grappa and Calvados, Luxardo and Curacao, Oban and Laphroaig.

To move between the two:

Computers: Excellent laptop (X270 with lulus). Headphones, Sennheiser HD800S.

Bikes: Road bike (S-Works Venge). Mountain bike (S-Works Epic FSR). Touring bike (7Cycles triple-butted ti).

Camera: D810, 20mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.4, 105mm f/1.4, 200mm f/2, 400mm f/2.8, 800mm f/5.6 with 1.25x and 2x teleconverters. Studio tripod, travel tripod.

Luggage: Ghurkah, sets in both chestnut and walnut. 83, 95, 97, 98, 187, as needed. Also custom fountain pen case, custom watch strap, custom laptop bag. Also an LVMH porte-documents, blue grey.

Watches: Two Patek Philippe 5270s, in platinum and rose gold, no tachymeter. A 5711/1A-010 jumbo naut, and a 5990 travel naut.

Jewelry: Cufflinks, belt buckles, tie bars and clips: rose gold and platinum. Also the Patek set built around the blue naut – and tie clip and belt buckle, bespoke.

Pens: ST Dupont “Defi” in brown leather; Omas “ART” in blue guilloche; a black Montblanc; a silver something.

Desk sets: black leather and white gold; chestnut leather and rose gold. Another in stainless and smoky blue.

Shoes: Custom cut. Chukka, wholecut, plaintoe with medallion, wingtip with heavy brogue – black, chestnut, midnight navy.

Suits: Fresh cuts each year. Two each in black, charcoal, mid grey, light grey. Other garments to match. Accessories in black, chestnut, and blue to match the jumbo naut. Long coats, light and heavy, same scale of grey –  plus three in leather to match the three-color spread. Umbrellas to spread as well.

Anything else? I’ll surely think of something. But for the moment, this is all that’s yielded.



~ by davekov on 14 May 2017.

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