A Dream Of Springsteen

I hiked the Appalachian Trail for 33 days. I covered 500 miles and touched seven states. I rollercoastered 80,000′ of elevation gain. I lost twenty pounds and 5″ of waistline. I slept in or at 29 shelters. I saw one bear and a pile of rattlesnakes. I made a number of very good friends. I am not done yet.

At the north end of Connecticut I decided to take a caesura. It was in the 90s with 100% humidity. My clothing would not dry. Not even overnight on a line. After days of this I developed terrible heat rashes. It was either spend 3 days in a hotel (at $120/night, because, Connecticut), or spend $40 to go home and heal and meal. I chose Kennebunk. And it’s been bloody lovely.

While being home I have climbed two mountains (Old Speck in Grafton Notch; Blueberry in Weld, ME), murdered myself at the gym, and biked a tone. It’s been lovely. I’ve also been preparing for my next great adventure, which is a move to New York City.

I decided on New York for a few reasons.

The prime mover is professional: I am a lawyer and business consultant with particular interests in finance and corporate governance. If I can’t find work in Money Mecca it’s probably time I move to a country with UBI.

The second is logistical: New York is more accessible for a fresh-faced country lad than is, say, San Francisco. I mean this just geographically and transportationally (where would I move? Oakland? Silicon Valley?) as well as fiscally (you can get a $1500/mo. studio within a 20 minute commute of the FiDi. Enjoy finding a 1500/mo. parking space in Mountain View). But I also mean it interpersonally. New York is an abattoir for human livestock, sure. But this slaughterhouse meritocracy is preferable to a city wherein I have no roots, no network, no contacts, and thus, very little opportunity.

The third is social: I have family and friends in the City. Almost as many as I have in Maine. I am old enough to realize the value of this.

And the fourth is temperamental. I want to work 80-hour weeks and be paid in Blancpains. As a result, I should fuck well be in New York.

The main difficulty in effecting this move is the dreaded Apartment Lead Time. If I lock in an apartment now, it’ll be an average of 6 to 8 weeks before I can move into it. That means that I could hike for two months more, only to return home and find that I have two more months of Kennebunkial thumb-twiddling ahead of me. That would not do at all.

As such, I am taking a few more days off of hiking to try to arrange habitation for myself. After which point I will return to the merry trail.

Hopefully I shall have time left in July to go from Great Barrington, MA (about where I left off) to Mount Washington. It’s only 350 miles, so it should be possible – but a good hundred of those miles are White Mountain Miles, which are somewhat more intense than those I’ve encountered thusfar. At the end of July I’ll get off the trail to officiate Rosalba’s wedding. Then, if I have August free, I will make for Katahdin. And if I don’t, well, there’s always when-I-retire :)

I’ve been living in an apartment for years, and so I’ve rather well situated myself possession-wise. There isn’t much I’ll need to make myself at home. Also, I rather hope to be working so hard for the next 3-5 years that I shall never see my apartment by daylight, if at all.

In a perfect world, I would move into this apartment mid-August, fresh off of Mt. K. I’ll drive down with a Civic full of Stuff and set myself up with the necessities. Then I’ll do the same again but with my mother in tow. She will take my car back to Maine, then, and dispose of it for lucre. Leaving me in the stream and gaily swimming.

My notion of my own possessions, right now, is divided into three categories:

1: Small necessities, that can easily fit in the boot of my little Honda.

2: Necessities that can not so fit.

3: Unnecessaries.

Category One includes my coffee grinder and pourover cone; computer; wristwatches; and clothing; in that order. I’ll develop the theme a bit more in a moment.

Category Two is, mostly, my mattress. In order to get it down to Manhattan I’ll have to rent a U-Haul. I’d consider it, but I think I’d rather just buy a $150 futon & sleep on that for a while. Later, when I get a job and so have a bit of situational security, I can hire a moving van and bring down my mattress, as well as my jolly collection of #3 items while I’m about it. At which point the futon will become a couch, and so continue in utility.

Category Three is books and bookshelves. Which, oy vey.

With any luck I can find good work for myself ASAP. This will allow me the lucre, and the time, to find myself a better apartment than the sort which I expect I will at first have. Apologies for that sentence. But then, one year in, I will move into Better Apartment – and Bed, and Books, can then follow me.

So now, and lastly, I’m gonna take a moment to daydream about all the joyous things that I’ll be bringing with me to the City:



  • Bicycle, and all accessories.
  • Hiking gear. Also, snow shoes.
  • Computer. Headphones. Taplop.
  • Coffeeklatschen: goose-neck kettle, hand-grinder, pourover cone, aeropress. Also a pair of teapots and some mugs. Also a pound of Tandem to last me the first week.
  • Kitchen items: chef’s knife and mandoline, pasta maker and NeuroFuzzy, weck jars and spice jars, KitchenAid and sous vide.
  • Dining items: not all that much, at first – a few favorite glasses and mugs, a Dansk service-for-four.
  • Clothing: we’ll see what I have that will fit by then. If I had to buy a new wardrobe on-site, I’d not complain.
  • Shoes: and shoe-trees.
  • Camera: and lenses.
  • Furniture: my four nesting tables; my desk-chair; The Coffee Table if it fits in the car.
  • The Neckties.
  • The Watches.
  • A few paintings and knick-knacks of my pleasure.

Thereafter, there’s a few things to buy

  • The futon, as aforesaid
  • A suit that fits. When I get work, several more suits that fit.
  • A frame for said bed.

And, once I find work, I have a little chopin liszt:

  • New computer monitor (4k)
  • New laptop (more stable than the dear ol’ Chromebook)
  • A juicer
  • New wristwatch (et porquoi pas?)


Life is looking up for an ‘umble Yours Truly. Because I am at the threshold of having a life.






I intend to hike another month at least. But


~ by davekov on 2 July 2017.

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