The Conscience of a Millennial

This current administration – and the state of politics in general – is giving so many of us millennials a chance to define our political opinions. Here are things that I think I would like to see:


-A binding resolution that federal personal income taxes shall not be reduced on any bracket until such time as the budget is balanced

-A binding resolution that any bill to reduce any marginal tax rate shall require a two-thirds majority of both Houses to be enacted.

-Transference of the burden of tax assessment from individual Americans to the IRS itself. All challenges must be made actively by the taxpayer. Burden to prove miscalculation is on the taxpayer. Requests for exemption must be made affirmatively thereafter – and the number and complexity of exemptions should be reduced across the board.

-The banning of federal dollars to municipalities which erect statues honoring Confederate leaders, military or political. The consideration that there is a rebuttable presumption that all statues depicting such persons do honor to them. The ability for that presumption to be rebutted – by proof of proper context by clear and convincing evidence. The establishment of a bipartisan commission on monuments to review such requests for rebuttal. The establishment of a federal pool to handle the removal of said monuments, and to supply funds whereby the towns in question might commission replacements of equal artistic and greater civic merit.

-In order to prevent the emergence of political dynasties in America, and to prevent subversion of the spirit of the 22nd Amendment: a Constitutional amendment whereby the parents, siblings, and children, by biology or adoption,  and as well the spouses current and former, of any President or Vice President, shall be ineligible to election or appointment to the offices of President or Vice President.

– Sunset provision for all Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) – all donations must be distributed by the end of the donor’s subsequent tax year.

-A progressive tax on capital for ultra high net worth individuals. Assessed annually.

-Significant tax benefits to the distribution of common stock from shareholders to employees of the company – excludable by employee (with yearly and lifetime maximums), and perhaps deductable by transferror.

– Progressive wealth tax on ultra high net worth charitable foundations. Higher burdens to fall upon disfavored private charities.

– Require all registered churches to open their books to the public.

-A ban on all lobbying by private prisons in any matter related to criminal justice reform. Likewise a ban on all donations to

-A ban on elected judges. Appointments must be named by the state governor; reappointments may be carried out by a supermajority regardless of executive nomination.

-A ban on lifetime appointments to any bench, federal or state. Maximum term limit to be set at ten years.

-Appropriate legislation to enforce the Emoluments Clause (requiring presidents, vice presidents, and cabinet secretaries, to place all their investments into a blind trust).

-Recognition that Senate Rule XIX violates the Constitutional requirement that Senators “advise and consent” to Presidential nominations, when said nominees are also sitting members of the Senate.

-A public auction system to determine the fee for use of federal grazing lands.

-Requirement of an environmental impact assessment before any reversal or alteration of national park or monument creations under the Antiquities Act – followed by public notice and comment.

-Net Neutrality, if necessary by Constitutional amendment.

-The complete digitization of criminal and psychological background checks related to the purchase of all firearms. The banning of private firearm sales or gifting, with temporary lending requiring notice to local police.

-A DARPA prize for foolproof implemtation of remote firearm safety controls – such as automatic inability to fire within designated zones, or remote cessation of firing ability by law enforcement – with an eye towards its eventual requirement for all new firearms sold, and later, all old firearms in private ownership.

-Lifting the Federal ban on marijuana; requiring all states to adopt minimum medical standards, but allowing recreational use to be regulated or banned at the state (or county) level.

-A requirement that all salaried jobs requiring their employees to work more than 40 hours per week keep track of the employees hours, and that if the salaries paid to the employees be less than the equivalent in minimum wage (including time-and-a-half for hours over 40), the employee be entitled to the deficit.

-The establishment that earning money while receiving disability payments does not constitute, nor even create a prime facie case, of fraud; rather, to fight against malingering, it will instead be established that the disability payments will not be automatically lowered or removed until the receiver reach certain prescribed thresholds of income.

– Medicaid for all full-time students, up until the age of 19.

– Medicaid for all students enrolled in a STEM major in a full-time degree program at an accredited two- or four-year college, up until the age of 26. Minimum GPA or whatnot is certainly a possible consideration.

– At the state level: providing all persons making less than 400% of the federal poverty line with a pseudo-SNAP card, which exempts them from all sales tax on all food purchases except for alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana.

– A federal mandate that any death of a person in the custody of local police be investigated either by the State or the FBI, and that any death of a person in custody of state police be investigated by the FBI.

-End the child tax credit; phase it out.

-A federal tax on transfers of assets to foreign asset protection trusts, in the amount of 100%.

-Opportunities for military service for all persons regardless of physical fitness or disability. Restrictions only based on mental health or demonstrated failing of character.

-No drug testing of employees by private companies.

-Permanent lifting of the global gag rule.

-Federal mandate against the teaching of abstinence-only sex ed.

-A ban on the compounding of court-imposed fines, even for delinquent payment. I would consider a plan whereby the inmate was presented with the payment of a penalty as an option, alongside incarceration (i.e. a night in jail) or community service.

– A presumption of pre-trial bail without the posting of collateral. To be overcome only by a clear showing that the defendant is A) a flight risk, B) a substantial risk to reoffend, or C) engaged in an ongoing criminal conspiracy. If such a showing is made, bail is either to be denied, OR it will be set at the collateralization of a majority of the defendant’s wealth (liquid and non-). & this implies: a total ban on bondsmen.

– A preference, not for bans, but for prohibitive taxation. If someone wants to pay fifty bucks for a liter of Pepsi… let a playa play.


(I shall add to this list – and subtract from it – and, who knows, organize it!)


~ by davekov on 5 December 2017.

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