I have thruhiked the Arizona Trail – from Utah to Mexico – two months – 1300km – hikertrash for life.

Temps from -20C to 30C. Ellie from 500m to 3000m. Terrain from mountain to canyon to forest to desert (and sometimes all at once). Monsoons, wind storms, snow storms, flash floods, 80km water carries. Giant cities, college towns, mining towns, ghost towns. Sky islands. Endless West. And one very nice ditch up there on the Kaibab.

And 22 zeroes. Mostly due to job applications. Or the flu. Or monsoons. Or going dancing :-)

I didn’t hike with anybody. Not once. Not for a damn minute. Not for two straight months. Thanks to all my friends, especially those from other trails, who talked with me and texted me and KEPT ME SANE.

Thank you to my trail angels: Diane Immethun, Cactus Cooler, Tye-Bye, Cauldron, the guy who gave me a cigar at midnight, the old Mexican guys who called me Plata, all the wonderful locals I chatted up in town, all my hitches (even the crazy ones), every single ranger, and the border patrol who didn’t catch me sleeping in Mexico 😇

Thank you Arizona. For the saguaros, the oaks and pines, the canyons, the sky islands, the wildlife that didn’t kill me once!, the prickly pears, the water caches, and for not being any longer because my legs are so tired. So, so tired.

It’s a really good trail. I recommend it. A lot.

And after all, trail won’t hike itself.

… dolla dolla billz yall


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