About the Authored

  • Novels – starting with my earliest
    • Hubris – a detective story involving a Herostratic terrorist. I was a teenager, whaddya want.
    • Castle-Builder – a man builds his dream house – then he has to live in it.
    • Warspite – story of a country that descends into genocide, and a small group of stranded people who fight to make it stop.
    • The Rise and Demise of The Blah Blah Vaginas – story about some Recent College Graduates who start a band.
    • Dirgey Thundercurrent – a magical murder mystery set in the Five Colleges of Massachusetts.
    • Public Key – a kid’s on the run from a crime he didn’t commit. he has to prove his innocence before he gets caught. all he has are his wits and his laptop. fortunately he’s pretty good with both.
    • Northern Tier – story of a bicycle courier in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world.
    • The Sweat of the Brow – story about a man who turns to crime to avoid dying of old age. UNFINISHED.
    • Fraidel Rose – story of a business consultant who just hates being bored. IN PROGRESS.
  • Novellas
    • Angel of Hadley – story of the eponymous angel, America’s Rashomon
    • Angel’s Tale – comic-book-y postcyber candy.
    • Arbiter of Elegance – story of a Manhattan girl who takes a country boy under her wing – and vice versa.
    • Baito – detective story set in the skyscrapers of Tokyo. aka Yanki.
    • Bell-Maker – story about a medieval German bell-maker who is kidnapped by Mongols and taken thousands of miles to the court of Kublai at Xanadu. Based on a true story.
    • Boom – story of a modern-day boomtown springing up around a substance more valuable than oil
    • Connection Lost – story about a grad student riding out the temporary collapse of civilization caused by the crash of the internet.
    • Curer – story about an HIV+ research scientist who tries, desperately, to find a cure for his disease. aka The Man Who Cured AIDS.
    • Damascus Blade – Sherlockian murder mystery, airs of Victorian court intrigue
    • Glow in the Vault – story of a Recent College Graduate who falls in with an accidental alchemist. A twist on the twists of HP Lovecraft.
    • Lord and Master – story about a rape in a Victorian stately home. Loosely based on the proclivities of Lord Kitchener.
    • Soar – story about an IT guy who get pulled into cutting-edge research and cutthroat corporate espionage
    • Stiletto – story about a Renaissance blacksmith who is contracted to make a murder weapon.
    • Trans-Siberia – story about a kid trying to cross Russia in winter. I was 15.
    • Voices in the Heads – story about the world’s first psychotherapist for artificial intelligences.
    • White Smoke – story about a POW camp which happens to contain a chemist. digging tunnels is well and good but making bombs is better.
    • The Invisible Hand – stories with a common protagonist, a Continental Op for a capitalist world
    • Short Stories
  • Novelties
    • Boring – a stageplay (or camplay) about a revolution in Africa being managed by a guy in a suit in America.
    • The Series – A TV series about making a TV series.
    • Second Semester Seniors – a stageplay I wrote when I was a second semester senior in high school. I think it’s on here somewhere.
    • loljobs – chronological blathering about my quest for employment.
    • Obituaries – deathographies for various people, mostly fictional characters.
    • Poems – yeah. those things.
    • Minuscule – little illustrations of little curiosities.
    • Reviews – opiniongasms
    • Quotebooks – aphorisms and other utterances
  • Uncategorized – Everything else.

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