About the Authored

  • Novels – starting with my earliest
    • Hubris – a detective story involving a Herostratic terrorist. I was a teenager. It is bad.
    • Warspite – basically it’s Hotel Rwanda fanficiton. Still a teenager. Still not good.
    • The Rise and Demise of The Blah Blah Vaginas – story about some Recent College Graduates who start a band. Silly.
    • Dirgey Thundercurrent – a magical murder mystery set in the Five Colleges of Massachusetts. Not great!
    • Public Key – a kid’s on the run from a crime he didn’t commit. he has to prove his innocence, all while staying one step ahead of the law. all he has are his wits and his laptop. fortunately he’s pretty good with both.
    • Castle-Builder – a man builds his dream house – then he has to live in it.
    • The Sweat of the Brow – story about a man who turns to crime to avoid dying of old age. UNFINISHED.
    • Fraidel Rose – story of a business consultant who just hates being bored. UNFINISHED.
    • Northern Tier – story of a bicycle courier in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Novellas
    • Angel of Hadley – story of the eponymous angel, America’s Rashomon
    • Angel’s Tale – comic-book-y postcyber candy.
    • Arbiter of Elegance – a troubled rich girl takes a country boy under her wing.
    • Baito – weeb detective story (and that’s only like the third worst thing about it)
    • Bell-Maker – a small story about a medieval German bell-maker who is kidnapped by Mongols and taken thousands of miles to the court of Kublai at Xanadu.
    • Boom – story of a modern-day boomtown. This one’s kind of not bad.
    • Connection Lost – story about a grad student riding out the temporary collapse of civilization caused by the crash of the internet. I thought about this one a lot during 2020.
    • The Man Who Cured AIDS – what is says.
    • Damascus Blade – Sherlockian murder mystery, airs of Victorian court intrigue
    • Glow in the Vault – Lovecraftian Revisionist mystery
    • Lord and Master – story about how Lord Kitchener was an insane rape monster!
    • Soar – a corporate IT guy gets caught up in something… unprecedented
    • Stiletto – a Renaissance blacksmith who is contracted to make a murder weapon.
    • Trans-Siberia – I was 15 and was proud that I made a metaphor.
    • Voices in the Heads – story about the world’s first psychotherapist for artificial intelligences.
    • White Smoke – story about a POW camp which happens to contain a chemist. digging tunnels is well and good but making bombs is better.
    • The Invisible Hand – stories with a common protagonist, a Continental Op for a capitalist world
    • various Short Stories
  • Novelties
    • Boring – a stageplay about a revolution in Africa being managed by a suit in America.
    • The Series – A TV series about making a TV series.
    • Second Semester Seniors – a stageplay I wrote when I was one.
    • Obituaries – deathographies for various people, mostly fictional characters.
    • Poems – yeah. those things.
    • Minuscule – little illustrations of little curiosities.
    • Reviews – opiniongasms
    • Quotebooks – aphorisms and other utterances
  • Uncategorized – Everything else.

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