Thru Music

A lot of people have asked me what I’m (always) listening to while I’m hiking. Here are some favorites:   PODCASTS: Behind the Bastards (Robert Evans) History of Rome (Mike Duncan) Revolutions (also Mike Duncan) Hardcore History (Dan Carlin) Slow Burn (Leon Neyfakh) More Perfect (Jad Abumrad) All The President’s Lawyers (Josh Barro and Ken… Read More Thru Music


I have thru-hiked Te Araroa – from Cape Reinga to Bluff – the length of New Zealand – 3000km – 4 months – tama tu, tama ora; tama noho, tama mate kai – hikertrash for life. Longest day: 15h45 (Mt Crawford traverse in the Tararuas). Shortest day: that zero I took at Upper Wairoa Hut… Read More Bluff