The Tubes!

I just found this on YouTube: Yep, that’s me. ? No, that’s definitely me. From around nine months ago. About two days before I finished Dirgey Thundercurrent. The thing is: I have no recollection of making this video. Isuppose that those of you who prize “genuineness” can be assured that there is little more organic… Read More The Tubes!


Dramatis Personae: Dirgey Thundercurrent (final)

DRAMATIS PERSONAE STUDENTS THE SHIRE Dirgey Thundercurrent Donovan Manticore Erasmus McLean Farber Rhinegold Hanno Athenar Harry Zhi Hector Front-du-Boeuf Julian Gale Randall Prismglass Sanspeur Smith Will Waterhouse Wolf Grimm THE MOUNTAIN April Triskelion Gabby Cadiz Indra la Tour Jennie Aurelius Kali Jones Mary Firesteed OLD AM Marcus Firefly Tim Areopagitica SMITH Chrys Krupp Hannelore Henrys… Read More Dramatis Personae: Dirgey Thundercurrent (final)