Over the course of six seasons and a few dozen murders, The Sopranos introduced a nation to the idea that television can be literature. It also introduced the idea that literature can have ambiguity. Which, being Americans, we fucking hated. I’m referring to the ending of the series. Most people didn’t get it. A decade… Read More SOPRANOS (CUT TO BLACK)



MIRRORBLAZE: The impact of technology on the Trail by david axel kurtz   The AT is changing. Base weights plummet. Neros get bigger and bigger. Nobos are starting earlier, yoyos are finishing later. Flip-floppers are the new normal. Trail towns are rotting. Drones are coming. The line between supported and unsupported is going to disappear.… Read More Mirrorblaze


I have always had a thing for pattern-welded steel. Regular steel is simple. Damascus steel is complex. Plain steel is boring. Damascus is interesting. Steel is common. Damascus is rarified. In the same vein I’ve always been drawn to quartersawn oak over simple pine, or spalted maple over simple white. Following suit I have begun… Read More Patternfall


Rip and edit of something I wrote in 2011, when I first got a smartphone. -daK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I once heard someone define science fiction as ‘the transposition of the problems of today into tomorrow.’ Plenty of scifi falls into that category. Plenty does not. I can think of some great scifi that tries to honestly… Read More Post-Cyberpunk


My mother just asked me for my opinion on Bitcoin. My initial reaction is that, as with any other trend in recent memory: by the time my mom has heard of it, it is doomed. However, after some thought, I would like to propose two scenarios: Scenario one: Bitcoin is just an asset like any other.… Read More BTC