Some people like to hike around mountains. I am one of those people. I am a thruhiker. Part of the charm of a thru is getting very far away from where you started. But this doesn’t mean you have to end there. Just ask anyone who’s done a yoyo. Just ask anyone who’s done the… Read More RTM


I have thruhiked the Cheryl Strayed Highway – from Mexico to Canada – three states – five national monuments, six national parks, five state parks, seven BLM field offices, twenty-five national forests, forty-eight federal wilderness areas – 4270km – hikertrash for life. Eighteen days of rain in the desert. Thirty in the PNW. Snowstorms in… Read More Tumanguya

Nüümü Poyo

The mountains are calling, but the rangers are checking permits. The mountains are calling, and if it turns out that there’s an autoroad to the top I am going to friggin’ scream. The mountains are calling, but this is the AT, so, “mountains.” The mountains are calling, and since this is Te Araroa, climbing them… Read More Nüümü Poyo

Thru Music

A lot of people have asked me what I’m (always) listening to while I’m hiking. Here are some favorites:   PODCASTS: Behind the Bastards (Robert Evans) History of Rome (Mike Duncan) Revolutions (also Mike Duncan) Hardcore History (Dan Carlin) Slow Burn (Leon Neyfakh) More Perfect (Jad Abumrad) All The President’s Lawyers (Josh Barro and Ken… Read More Thru Music