Boring: Scene II

THE MAN You have it? JOHNATHAN Yes sir. May I? THE MAN Go ahead, Johnathan. JOHNATHAN Company file on Beloko, sir. And there’s plenty of references, lots of info about reports our people have filed- THE MAN Skip those, please. JOHNATHAN Of course. Beloko. Full name The Constitutional Republic of Beloko. Also known as Belokoland,… Read More Boring: Scene II

Boring: Preamble

Boring. a play by david axel kurtz – – Dramatis: THE MAN his DAUGHTER JOHNATHAN, his secretary ALICIA TRIESTE, an operative WILL PATERNOSTER, a mercenary DANA JABBERWOCKY, a mercenary MAXHOTLA, a revolutionary – – PRE- The play is one long scene with an intermission in the middle. The play is to be set on one… Read More Boring: Preamble