…with apologies to Theo Roethke   Where first I strained: a fox against the trap And with that fervor pull: a mule with cart To prove myself by work, the mind apart From this dull world of mud and blood and sap Now silk the sinews seem. This is my lot By pleasure tethered like… Read More Anodyne


Ugly Sonnets

1 I would compare thee to a summer’s day Blinding and dank and forming beads of sweat Except the perspiration you beget Is one of fear, or longing to turn gay A night in spring might serve to best describe Its rotted leaves to mirror your complexion Or autumn’s deathward-marching diatribe Or winter’s pale and… Read More Ugly Sonnets

The Cold

This is a tale that I have told To Hampshire students young and old Who wish to know of days of yore What at their College came before And wanting to their minds inspire That such sweet things – for good or ill – Can still be done at sour Shire That their adventures too… Read More The Cold


There once was the dreadnought Graf Spee Who aimed to control the North Sea If you’re bored by this song And find it too long You probably have ADD